Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love With Food

As a fan of delicious new foods and volunteering, I was thrilled to receive the first Love With Food box of my new subscription. I had heard about it before, but decided that with the new school year starting, this would be the perfect way to get some fun snacks for my lunches, so I went ahead and purchased a subscription. I loved it (really and truly – honestly, this is not an advertisement). It featured everything from delicious breath mints to organic potato chips, and from a mini waffle to a gourmet nut mix. Because I loved my box so much, I wanted to share a special offer that came in my box. Anyone who signs up by clicking on the banner above will get their first box for as low as $5. That is $5 (with free shipping) for a delicious box of healthy snacks, and with your purchase, a box is donated to help feed those in need around the country. It really doesn’t get better than that. Just click on the link above to get started. Enjoy!

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